A Peek at Heaven

In the gospels, Jesus speaks frequently of God’s Kingdom but he never really defines the concept other than to say to the disciples, “in my father’s house are many mansions”.  As a result, we tend to make analogies between earth and heaven so that one is really the type of the other.  You see, the only way we can attempt to describe heaven is by ‘borrowing’ the things of our earth to symbolize it.  And when we combine that with Jesus’ lack of any real description of the place, it appears to suggest that there is a real likeness between them.   So ask yourself, “What is heaven?”  1.) Heaven is a paradise, a garden: and so here, we can walk among and smell the scent of the fragrant flowers of spring & summer and the aroma of pine in the air after a rain.  2.) Heaven is a kingdom: and so the thrones, the crowns, and the palms of this world have become the earthly emblems of heaven.  3.) Heaven is a city:  And here again we take our metaphor from the dwelling-places of man.  4

12 Hilarious Things Kids Ask About God

Children have always been able to see many things in a very clear and perceptive way. Because of youth, their minds are not yet cluttered up with the distractions that cause adults to overlook the obvious. Add to that a quick- witt , innocence, and a willingness to ask the most candid questions that would not occur to the average adult, and you may find yourself groping for an answer to such inquiries as "When do we learn how to breathe?" and "What does Santa smell like?" The following questions demonstrate that not even God or Jesus can escape the inquisitiveness of those whom Jesus referred to as "the little children". If God sees everything, can he see me in the shower? Is Santa Claus God's really rich brother? How did Jesus rise up out of his grave? Is he a Zombie? Did Jesus get potty trained too? When Adam & Eve ate the apple, did it have a worm in it? When Noah was on the Ark, who picked up all the poo ? Did the baby Jesus wea

Public Opinion

"Actions Speak Louder than Words", "People Judge You by Your Cover", are two truisms that are just as accurate today as when they were first verbalized in this country over 150 years ago. It's been said that integrity is who you are when you're alone. Well, maybe; but I'm not fully convinced.  Be that as it may, your actions, in the company of others, determine, to a large extent what their opinion of you is.  And that opinion is shaped primarily by perception.   To put it another way, perception is how your words & actions appear to other people. Our perceptions contribute a great deal to shaping our realities. Although we all live in the same world, we tend to focus on what we have “tuned ourselves in” to look for.  You see a lot of that in the political arena.  The majority of us may have a set of fully functioning eyes, but the way in which we individually view the world can be very different.  There is the scientific world view and the sp

My Reason for Writing About God

I write about God because I believe in him.  Now if you find this amusing or offensive, then that’s too bad.  Because the evidence that I have seen of him in my life overpowers your opinion about whether or not he exists. We have seen it time and again throughout the Old Testament where God appears, through some sort of wizardry, to cause certain events to occur.  The 10 plagues on Egypt or the parting of the Red (Reed) Sea are two, among many others, that come to mind.  To many of the people who lived during those ancient times, those events really did appear to be the result of some sort of witchery.  An important task of the Jewish prophets and leaders was to convince the frightened people that these were all ‘good miracles’ from God.  Nowadays, due to the literal interpretation and, in some cases, the misinterpretation of Bible passages over the centuries, many of us have come to believe that God is some sort of spiritual magician and Hollywood has been more than wil

Three dollars worth of God

“I would like to buy $3.00 worth of God, please.” “Not enough to explode my soul or disturb my sleep, but just enough of Him to equal a cup of warm milk or a snooze in the sunshine.” “I want ecstasy, not transformation. I want the warmth of the womb, not a new birth.”

Why Satan Comes After Us

Satan isn’t really expending a lot of effort in giving us a hard time or making our lives difficult. He has his minions ‘take care of business’. Granted, some of our troubles stem from our own mistakes and poor decision making, and also because “that’s just the way life works”. Buy why does Satan continue to do these things when he knows perfectly well he can’t win? 

Need to be grateful

Sadly, Thanksgiving has become more of an afterthought for many people. We have taken the Christmas Holiday Shopping Season and have lengthened it over the Thanksgiving holiday thereby creating an environment where many retail stores are now forcing their employees to work on Thanksgiving. Granted, some employees want to work to make the extra money to put toward buying more Christmas presents for themselves or others.